The Rightful Heir to the Abyssal Throne

I'm called Sass, Kim, Spazz. I'm an awkward ball of giddy mush that loves colors a little too much. I draw cartoons and obsess over silly things. I'm kind of a sarcastic, cryptic little dweeb that gushes over weather, but whatever. Enjoy yourselves and stay fabulous <3

wanna hear a joke?


Oh… last time I did a redraw thing was when I was still on my old account… oooops? ^^; *runs off*

Part of a project re-draw shtick I’ve been procrastinating doing. When everybody felt all empowered and pumped up due to Katy Perry’s song: Firework.

Anonymous inquired:
ok but your coyote isn't even gc's coyote's color scheme so why would people...? anyway, sorry people are being dumb. I figured it was something that had to do with culture!

Ah! Idk, people aren’t really paying attention I guess? *shrugs* You guessed right though <3

was aiming for a chair, got the bottom of a table instead and let out a stream of curses in different languages… 


How other people think about artist`s life vs. Reality

For the record: Coyote is a mythological being that causes mischief EVERYWHERE! The idea behind my piece was to show the different myths of his from Cherokee lore. Because I AM CHEROKEE! If it was fanart I would have said so. It’s mythology you walnuts. Stop tagging it as Gunnerkrigg…

Coyote and the Stars

FINALLY! Got this blasted thing off my camera!

My 2-D Design final that I adore to pieces, and so did someone else ;) She bought it right on the spot and I was beat red ^^; Made with sharpies and Copic markers.

Ever play poker with chips made of chocolate? Isaac is winning and therefore exceedingly hyper.

His hair is too much fun to draw…