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I'm called Sass, Kim, Spazz. I'm an awkward ball of giddy mush that loves colors a little too much. I draw cartoons and obsess over silly things. I'm kind of a sarcastic, cryptic little dweeb that gushes over weather, but whatever. Enjoy yourselves and stay fabulous <3


I’m so happy Fii’s back!! (´∀`)♡





isn’t there supposed to be a downside to these things?

I’d push it

I completely failed to see a downside to this. *frantically smashes the button*


been playing around with manga studio lately. I really like the tools and such. Here are some more LOZ doodles!


I took some requests! It was fun!

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I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am with this thing. I like it. A lot. I’m proud of myself for the design, and impressed with my tattoo artist for the implementation. It hurt like crazy in the beginning, but by the end I couldn’t feel it at all. So worth it.

that good :D not about the carpel tunnel I mean… that still sucks :/ but yay about the advice bit :D

psh- it’s all good C: Thanks!! 

glowstickia inquired:
How're you doing? Is your arm still hurting?

With sunburn: naw, with stupid carpel tunnel: always XD Got some advice on job finding from a couple of my besties and I’m feeling a bit more confident! So yay! haha

No! Storm! Come back!!

Anonymous inquired:
hows stuff going in your corner of the world?

I keep yelling at the storms in my area to stop always going east before doing anything eventful… They move faster just to spite me. >8T (and finding a job is hard *sobs*) BUT! I’m pretty chipper! Thanks for askin! <3

ask me stuff? my ask box is getting lonely.