The Rightful Heir to the Abyssal Throne
The Rightful Heir to the Abyssal Throne

I'm called Sass, Kim, Spazz. I'm an awkward ball of giddy mush that loves colors a little too much. I draw cartoons and obsess over silly things. I'm kind of a sarcastic, cryptic little dweeb that gushes over weather, but whatever. Enjoy yourselves and stay fabulous <3

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you should totally make an ask blog with those two…or…something like that…maaaaaaaaaybe…-sneaks away awkwardly-

That’d be so cool if I could pull it off ^^;

Update! Chris is full of bad puns lately.

See what happens when I find old sketchbooks with old obsessions in ‘em?

It is an ungodly hour… and I will probs hate this in the morning. why am I posting?

Reminiscing Nerd… Sorry ‘Bout That:

Hopping down memory lane, I realize how much I improved from when I first joined DeviantArt, with my absolute doffy-as-heck-fire username… gag. The other influence meme I did six-thousand years ago was when I was in the “I gotta be cool!” phase… Ew. I fully embrace my dork past-self with her silly obsessions that had no “cool” intentions. I just REALLY liked how these shows and comics and game(poor R&C heh) looked, so I mimicked and drew major influence from them. 

The top three on the map are super important to me since I really grew as an artist drawing from them. I drew a lot as a kid, but I never had any desire to improve until I started drawing Detective Conan and InuYasha. Later on I asked a bunch of peeps about some good webcomics and Paranatural showed up. I INSTANTLY fell in love and started drawing the crap out of those characters. The movement and expressions from each character in that series, not to mention the detail and unique style in both character and background, made me think “I wanna do something like that!!” The series, along with Moonlight Apparition (and the artists’ constant support) really made me want to improve my story-telling and art for my own comics. So I have been!
The Ratchet and Clank and Danny Phantom series of fanarts really drew a crowd and I gained a lot of good friends from them, so I really grew from the other artists on DA that did the same thing. It was a neat experience and I’m still friends with a lot of them today. I’m getting better and better, day by day thanks to these awesome bits of media! I constantly learn new tricks and gain awesome new friends. Like everything else, the internet has its flaws, but I’m so grateful to sites like DA and Tumblr that gave me the opportunity to meet some really fantastic people.

I’ve gained some really great friends since I started drawing and sharing my work on the internet, and I’m grateful to all of you for your support, helpful tips and friendship! I’m reminiscing a lot and found some of my old sketchbooks, so I’ve been drawing Detective Conan and InuYasha again… That’s what triggered me to do this. <3