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Our fifth annual Zelda for Eternity marathon begins tomorrow (July 29th) at 6 PM EST. As always, expect 120+ hours of nonstop Zelda, all in the effort to raise money for Child’s Play Charity and entertain our always appreciated fans of the marathon.

Check out our line up for this year!

1 – Twilight Princess (pt.1) – Elias
2 – A Link to the Past – Garrett/Danny
3 – Link’s Crossbow Training – Garrett/Danny
4 – Zelda Game and Watch – Garrett/Danny
5 – BS The Legend of Zelda – Garrett/Danny
6 – Twilight Princess (pt. 2) – Elias
7 – Wind Waker HD – Shank/Elias
8 – Phantom Hourglass – Elias
9 – Skyward Sword – Shank
10 – Majora’s Mask 3 Heart Challenge – Mike
11 – Ocarina of Time – Shank
12 – ZU Fangame Exclusive Demo Feature: Timeless Haven– Elias/Shank
13 – A Link Between Worlds– Emhave

As shown above, among these features will be a a very popular fan game. Exclusive to ZE, a preview of the beta demo of Zelda Universe’s “Timeless Haven” will be showcased as a blind run by Elias and Shank. ZU’s team is working hard on furthering development, so we’d like to promote their current progress!

Anyway, Zelda for Eternity is always a blast. Don’t miss out on the fun and join us at 6pm EST tomorrow (the 29th of July) for the fifth annual summer marathon!

Hey students and future ones,

You should really check this out ! It’s a marathon hosted by ZeldaEternity and it’s for charity :3 Don’t miss out !


Imagine your icon being your sole companion in the zombie apocalypse. They have all the powers they have in the movie/game/show they’re from.

Song: Help I'm Alive
Artist: Metric
Album: Fantasies
Plays: 61205

Metric ▪️ Help I’m Alive 

I tremble
They’re gonna eat me alive
If I stumble
They’re gonna eat me alive

Help, I’m alive
My heart keeps beating like a hammer

(Source: freshsounds)

Song: Gravity Falls S2 Theme
Artist: Gravity Falls Season 2
Album: Alex Hirsch
Plays: 615


Gravity Falls Season 2 Theme Song

Whoa, sounds really cool! I can’t wait until S2. Thanks to whoever leaked this!

Oh dear. If I’d seen that it was gone I would’ve had a heart attack!

I’m the only one to suffer that ^^; Ugh, I was destroyed for about an hour.


Did you really think I was just going to pass this one up?

Chris is from 3to2 by the wonderful sassyartfarts as always!


blamethegravity inquired:
Hey Sassy! Just wanted to let you know that you misspelled "advice" in the latest 3to2! "advise" is a verb and "advice" is the noun form.

WOOPS! Thanks luv!

gideon-ziz inquired:
I'd like to point out to you, in case you missed it, that Zack liked your post personally. I think that's pretty cool, but I wasn't sure if you noticed it so I felt like pointing it out.

Oh, trust me. I’ve not stopped flipping out about it o__O I’m avoiding the subject so my geek meter doesn’t explode and I flail into oblivion ^^;

I deserve a bloody reward! That was one of the dumbest things I’ve done online!Herp Derp. I had like, FIVE fans so I doubt it bothered anybody, but Lodestar is back up anyways.